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Case Study #72:

From Almost Closing Down their Education Business to Making 7 Figures in 12 Months


I spoke to Alex and Aaron recently; they are both brothers that operate a very successful tutoring business.

We become very good friends after we work together during the coaching session.

I work with many training and education providers; I can say they have the most impressive comeback after almost closing down their business 2 years ago before we started our coaching.

Long story short, they had been operating their business for 5 years without profit previously.

 We decided to work together, and they learn...

  • How to set different business strategies for each quarter 
  • How to turn strategies into copywriting
  • How to advertise without wasting money
  • How to execute all marketing strategies
  • How to improve their turn up rate
  • How to beat their competitors
  • How to increase sales conversion rate


I still remember that time is around year-end, and students have all finish their exams. Usually, the students have no mood and seldom will attend tutoring class after exam.

I share with them that if we want to make good money during this period, we need to tweak our strategies and sell other packages instead of academic tuition. 

 So we decided to offer a holiday English class. 

It's a big success. 


They started to make some profit. 

And they finally understand how to play the marketing game. 

Since then, they keep duplicating the process (again and again) to market their tuition program, holiday program, and premium tuition coaching program.

They made 7 figures in revenue within the next 12 months (for a tuition business!). 

And during the pandemic, they enroll more than 1000+ paid students for their online tutoring class using the same marketing process.


We helped many business owners turn around their education business, from losing money to making a small profit, from small profit to making a good revenue, and from 1 centre to having 11 branches in 12 months.

After dealing with many education business owners, I notice several patterns of those who failed vs. those who have an impressive turnaround.


(1) Those who failed, their no.1 lousy behavior that I found out is -- they complain about everything. 

  • "No time. I'm so busy..."
  • "too much work, I want a faster shortcut."
  • "I don't want to do this, taking too much time."
  • "This is too troublesome..."
  • "I'm not a marketer...I shouldn't do this work.."
  • "This is too slow; I want to get rich quick..."
  • And so much more...

Those who succeed, like Alex & Aaron, they have no time to complain; they focus on getting things done, even if it takes them multiple tries.


(2) Those who failed, they often run their business with a teacher mindset/employee mindset, and they are not willing to change.

I still remember I met an education business owner; he told me: -  as the "founder," he has "no time," He says he should delegate those marketing and sales to let his team handle. He should focus on "something else." 

Later I found out; his business lose a lot of money because of his leadership (teacher mindset); there's no team management, no execution, no strategies, no team alignment, because he is "supposed to do other things."

For Alex, Aaron, and the successful one, we know marketing and sales are the MOST IMPORTANT departments we need to control.

We monitor our marketing daily, and we never outsource our marketing to other 3rd party agencies because we know they won't be able to focus 100% on us. (they need to survive too, and they need to handle 20,50, 100 clients at the same time)

I also met some education business owners who tell us -- "I just want to teach. I am not interested in marketing/sales" - I usually tell them better don't start a business; working for someone else as a teacher will make you more money and less headache. And you can focus 100% on teaching.



(3) Those who failed, they set their target too small and set their standard too low. When you have a small target/low standard, they are ok with progressive things slowly; they will tolerate their staff to do low-quality work...

And somehow, they will convince themselves, "that is normal. 

This "small target" mindset also triggers a chain of a low standard business decision; 

> acting too slow leads to loss of sales, 

> lack of sales leads to low business cash flow

> low business cash flow leads to cutting cost

> cutting cost leads to low-quality service

> cutting cost also leads to zero marketing

> low-quality service leads to losing more sales

> so eventually, the talented staff is leaving because they see no future

> The business have to close down

If you happen to have a chance to talk to Alex and Aaron, you will see them sharing their ultimate goal is to become area No.1 in 12 months, then become the country No.1 in 3 years.  

And because they want to achieve a very high target in a short period, every day, they learn, look for mentors and keep looking for ways to:-

- improve their marketing, 

- improve their time management, 

- improve leadership, 

- increase their sales, 

- hire better talent, 

- improve their service, 

- improve their branding

- and so much more... the shortest period.


How bout you? 

Which level do you think you are playing at now?


And if you need more encouragement to push yourself to make a change - I want to share more case studies below with you.

#1 - Catherine learns from us while having a 4 months old baby! Within 12 months, they grow their education business from 1 branch to 11 branches nationwide.


#2 - Habib scale his tuition business nationwide from 110k to 260K per month revenue after understand how to scale his education business via advertising.


#3 - Philip's education business has been stagnant for many years. He decided to make a change and learn from us. That's 30k within 30 days (during pandemic)


#4 - Carrie's business is based in HK, and she just quit her job to start his wellness education business from scratch. After working with us, she got her first 50 premium clients within 2 months.


#5 - Eugene operate an Art Business, tried for so many years to increase his students number but failed. Almost gave-up. He decided to put his last dime on us to learn the right marketing for education. Now, He has have move his business from a small shop-lot to a big shop-lot inside a shopping mall.


I want to share with everyone..

If all of the education business owners above can do it, you can too! 

It's just about learning the right marketing skills for your education business.
Make a decision now and make a change, 


If you are determined to make a change right now, but you have no idea where to start, I would like to invite you to have a free coaching call with us.


Some people ask, does it work on other businesses?

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