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Case Study #233:

How Not to Fail in Education Business


There are quite a few people who share with us that they don't have time to do the marketing or learn how to market their business.

So they always wait for the "right time" to come.

My question is, when is the right - "right time"?

Most of them are too comfortable; they always say - "soon."

Some decided to wait for the situation to get back to normal. 

Usually, what happens next is that the sales didn't come back after a long wait, and when they realize they need to do something, it's too late. 


When you don't have sales, you run out of cash.

We have people who come to us for help that they have depleted their savings and on the verge of bankruptcy. 

We also have people who come to us with only less than 2 months of cash flow. 

When you don't have cash, you won't be able to run it with the right business mindset. 

You'll plan and do everything with a get rich quick mindset.

Everything you will plan and do next is how to get sales using as many shortcuts as you can. 

We all know you can't get things right with a get-rich-quick mindset. 

So when these "get-rich-quick" people come to us for help, we usually reject them because we know they will skip a lot of work because they want to get sales "faster."

Do things with a get-rich-quick mindset always leads to business failure.

We have seen many case studies.


How to Avoid this happen to your business:

(1) You need to understand a business cannot survive without good marketing and sales closing. Even though you have the best program in the world, nobody would know if you don't do marketing. 

(2) Don't rely on referral to get sales. A lot of education providers suffer during the pandemic because their sales only come from referrals. They get too comfortable, and then they are not well prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. When the crisis hits, their cash flow is affected, and they have to close down their business.


(3) Learn how to do online lead generation on your own.

Some people prefer to outsource it to 3rd party agencies to handle their marketing instead so that they don't have to worry about marketing anymore.

We're not saying that every 3rd party agency out there is terrible. 

But based on our experience with dealing with hundreds of education providers (worldwide), they always tell us how upset they are with their agency because they cannot perform.

When you outsource the most critical department to someone else, you are no longer in control of your business.

You are letting someone else dictate the fate of your business.

We always encourage people to learn the A-Z of how to do online lead generation works first, then delegate to your assistant and monitor the outcome. 

NEVER outsource to 3rd party agency. We need to take control of our own business, and we can decide when to speed up (get more leads) or slow down. 

(4) So many people think it will take them years to learn something so "techy" because they are not tech-savvy.

This is a big misconception. 

It doesn't have to take months.

Get a mentor to guide you step by step; you only need 1-2 weeks to get everything set up correctly. 


#1 - Jackie (from Canada) has her marketing up in 1 week for her online dancing school

#2 - Bill (from HK) setup everything in 3 weeks, and get his 120 students for his math tutoring business during a pandemic 


#3 - Eglys (from US) have tried so many marketing programs before and none of them worked. She setup everything within 10 days according to our instruction, and start getting sales in a week.

#4 - Zainal (from Malaysia) setup everything in 10 days, and get his 30 students (6K sales) for his tuition business in 30 days!


We have so many case studies who get crazy results like the ones above if we want to continue.

And none of them are tech-savvy and some of them are doing their online lead generation for the first time.

Stop waiting and take fast action to grow and secure your business (whatever it takes).


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Some people ask, does it work on other businesses?

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Don't give up!

- KC