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Case Study #179

From $150K per month to $600k Revenue during pandemic


We’ve just got a message from Habib yesterday.

Our last conversation with him was a few months ago. At that time, he shared that our coaching helped him to scale his business from 150k per month to 260k per month.

He has a tutoring business.

Yesterday, when he texted us again, I asked him how much he made...

He told us he earned 600K in revenue last month!


If you also have a tutoring business, you might be wondering why both of you are in the same industry, but you are making 980% less revenue than him?

We can share with you the "secrets".

(1) Stop relying on referrals. Treat referrals as a bonus income, not your main source of income for your classes/programs.

(2) Make sure you have an online marketing funnel specifically for education. This means that, you shouldn't apply e-commerce, dropshipping, affiliate, F&B, or general FB tactics into your education business. It won't work. The students’/parents’ mentality/buying behavior are different.

(3) You cannot operate with a teachers’ mindset. Teachers’ mindset is only right for teaching, not running an education business. You need to learn how to wear several hats.

(4) Innovate your 1-to-1 education business model to a 1-to-200 business model.

(5) Go ALL-IN on online marketing. This is a must.

(6) Stop focusing on fixing your "FB Ads," it only takes up 20% of the equation. Start optimizing your follow up, content, sales closing process, team. These make up 80%.

(7) If you are a one-person show, focus only on teaching 1-2 subjects only. This will help you to scale faster.

(8) Stop using chatbots; nobody likes to deal with a robot.

(9) Start humanizing all your contents

(10) Advertising is the fastest way to get clients

(11) If you have a team, have a meeting every day, and tell them your goal and plan regardless of how bad your situation is.

(12) if you have problems with cash flow, solve the cash flow problem first.

(13) Always test your strategies, free trial, workshop, webinar, online training, paid trial, refundable trial, etc..Once you get 1 that is working, focus 100% on that.



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Some people ask, does it work for other businesses?
We helped tuition centers, franchise headquarters and franchisees, language class/tuition, English class/tuition, Math class/tuition, coaching, music class, art class, preschool, enrichment centers, abacus class, robotics class, coding class, STEM class, STEAM class, IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/ACT, test prep classes, college admissions/college counselling, diploma/degree program, international schools, fitness & yoga, gym, scuba diving training, beauty academy, corporate training, parenting class, special need kids education, consulting, chiropractor, as long as you are in a similar industry, we can help.

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