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Case Study 159:

What to do if you are stuck in your education business


It's quite tricky right now for owners of education businesses like tutoring centers, enrichment centers, education consultancies, schools, universities, and colleges... Basically, most of the people in the education industry are in trouble...

For education consultancies, schools, universities, and colleges who are looking for international students - most parents have decided to postpone their plans in sending their child for overseas studies because of border closures and the uncertainty of COVID-19 in those countries.

Even if they offer the courses online, parents are still reluctant to let their child enroll, as they are concerned about the education quality to study online, and for those that do pay, they are not willing to pay so much for their child to study online.

Actually, I have a friend in the US who works at a university. Everything was going well until the pandemic came, and the university decided to lay off their staff and cut their department's budget by USD200k. 

We never know when the borders will re-open and no one knows when everything will be back to normal... It could even be next year! So you need to prepare yourself for the worse... The immediate action you can take is to start your marketing right now, and prepare for next year's enrollment. 

You can start doing a weekly live webinar, and build an education-specific marketing funnel to filter your prospects during your live webinar. This will give you a good start. 

Doing it right- 10x Students Blueprint


For enrichment centers - COVID-19 has affected most of the student's family income, parents/clients will most likely allocate their budget to send their kids to tuition (which is more important) instead of enrichment classes.

That's why you will see that your previous students are not coming back now... and even if you text them, they don't reply back.

We need to move on from those previous students and start to look for students who are still open to taking enrichment classes. 

If you don't have an education-specific marketing system yet, you need to learn how to build one asap. 



For tutors / tuition centers - this is your best chance to scale your business. 

Parents are willing to send their children to tuition classes because it's necessary for improving their academic grades.

You should be very actively leveraging your online marketing now. 

But again, don't make the same mistakes that many other educators have made below:

  • Only learn about copywriting...
  • Drive ads to WhatsApp / zoom
  • Apply eCommerce / drop-shipping / general FB ads strategy into your education business.
  • No filtering process...
  • Focus too much on FB ads settings
  • No big picture mentality...

You can't scale your education business having the mistakes above. That's why I keep mentioning - you need marketing that's specific to the education industry.

We've deal with too many educators worldwide, and we've gone through many trial and error... After a few years losing money, we've finally figures out what works and what doesn't.

If you've read my previous email, and you've started to take action, you should be getting the results below.



If you're to make a change right now, we want to help you optimize your marketing and sales process, and help you get students within a month.

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Don't give up!

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