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Case Study 134:

From Zero to 90 Sales in 30 Days and Quitting Her Job in 9 Months


Yesterday Jenna texted me to say that she officially quit her job. I'm so happy for her.

I remember when she came to us eight months ago, she still works as a teacher. She had a part-time business that trains people about how to DIY organic skincare products.

Before she engages my coaching, we were on the phone call. She says she wants to do her training entirely online. After I listened to her situation, 

I can't wholly agree with her, and I suggest that she should stick to the offline workshop and maximize all her profits first. Then only move to online. 

It's less risky yet makes more money. We almost quarrel. Lol...

I thought she would never come back after the phone call. 

To my surprise, she decided to proceed to take up the coaching the next day. 

She says I may see her blindspot, which she may not sees it yet.

We coach her (like how we coach others) on how to craft out profitable strategies for her business, how to get clients as fast as we can, how to collect the payment quickly, and how to maximize the profit.

After 30's what happens...


After a few months, at this point, she is already making 4x more than her teacher's salary. 

I told her she should quit her job and go all-in in entrepreneurship full time. 

It will makes her more money. 

After a few more months, she did it!

From a 4 figures income teacher has to work 26 days a month to a full-time 5 figures per month income entrepreneur.

...and she has more time with her family now...

All done within 9 months!


If you are in a similar situation, you are running a part-time business, wanting to quit your job, or you have a full-time business, but you want to know how to scale it fast.

Here's my advice:

(1) You must prioritize your time to focus 80% on marketing. Cause without marketing, you have no leads >> no calls to make >> no one to follow up >> no sales.

If you are working 9-5, you must fully utilize your after-working-hours and weekend to learn how to do marketing and advertising. 

This is how I quit my job after working for 10 years as an employee. I use 6 months (during my last year of employment) to learn, implement all the marketing, and successfully quit my job.

It is the same if you are running an education business, plan your timetable, wake up earlier / sleep later, and implement the marketing. 

(2) Get a coach. If you want to get results as fast as you can, you can't afford to make a lot of trial and error. It will cost a LOT of months/years. Get someone who has a proven track record of teaching you how to scale your education business.

I learn it the hard way; I come from a small town and have no role model; I don't even know there's such a thing called "coach," and it cost me 10 YEARS by figuring out everything my own.  

(3) Manage your expectation. Nothing comes easy when you want to run an education business. But it becomes more manageable when you decided to make a change. 

When you decide it's time to jump out of your comfort zone and scale your education business, you need to manage your expectations that there will be work required.

But when you start seeing leads and sales come in every day, I can promise you all those hard work will be worth it.

You will have more time with your family, you will be able to quit your job, you will be able to provide a better quality of life for your partners, and you can predict when you can hit your income goal.

Just like Jenna.


And if you need more encouragement to push yourself to make a change - I want to share more case studies below with you.

#1 - Catherine learns from us while having a 4 months old baby! Within 12 months, they grow their education business from 1 branch to 11 branches nationwide.


#2 - Habib scale his tuition business nationwide from 110k to 260K per month revenue after understand how to scale his education business via advertising.


#3 - Philip's education business has been stagnant for many years. He decided to make a change and learn from us. That's 30k within 30 days (during pandemic)


#4 - Carrie's business is based in HK, and she just quit her job to start his wellness education business from scratch. After working with us, she got her first 50 premium clients within 2 months.


#5 - Eugene operate an Art Business, tried for so many years to increase his students number but failed. Almost gave-up. He decided to put his last dime on us to learn the right marketing for education. Now, He has have move his business from a small shop-lot to a big shop-lot inside a shopping mall.


I want to share with everyone..

If all of the education business owners above can do it, you can too! 

It's just about learning the right marketing skills for your education business.
Make a decision now and make a change, 


If you are determined to make a change right now, but you have no idea where to start, I would like to invite you to have a free coaching call with us.


Some people ask, does it work on other businesses?

We helped scuba diving training, beauty academy, robotics class, coding class, IELTS/SAT, fitness & yoga, gym, corporate training, parenting class, special need kids education, tuition centers, language class, coaching, music class, art class, preschool, enrichment centers, abacus class, consulting, international schools, chiropractor, diploma/degree program before, as long as you are in this similar industry, we can help.


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Don't give up!

- KC