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Case Study #286:

Zero to 30K in 30 Days and Open a 2nd Branch in 6 months


A few months ago, Philip worked with us to learn how to scale his education business fast without feeling burnout.

He needed some sales breakthrough, and he also plans to open a 2nd branch.

If you are an ambitious education business owner, I'm sure this is something that you are aiming for as well.

The question is, how do you scale your business fast without being trapped in a hamster wheel (means you have to work harder and longer hours)?

You can't do it with a [work harder = makes more money] business model. 

You'll burn out after 1 week.

You have to leverage on a highly effective "blueprint / process / funnel" to recruit students - means you are spending a similar effort, but you are getting students 5x -15x faster. 

It means:

- Crafting out a suitable & scalable business model for your education business

- Master online marketing (specialized for education) to get high-quality leads 24/7

- Making sure your follow up process is generating 50-70% turn up rate

- Making sure you have a very effective sales conversion rate are at least at 65% (we have clients doing it at 80%+)

- Making sure you have an irresistible offer+value so that your prospects will sign up immediately (I'm not talking about giving crazy discounts).

- and make sure your team knows what you are doing on a daily/weekly basis and what to help...

If you do not know what I'm talking about, I think it's time for you to get out of your comfort zone and see what you are missing.

...and see how your competitors are getting all your market shares...

On the other hand, some might think they "already know" how to do it, but most of them only implement 20-30% of the whole equation when we check in detail.

For example:

Example #1: they say they know how to do ads, but they might be doing it at 5% right, therefore wasting lots of money.

Example #2: Some say they manage to get clients, but they didn't know that they are spending 150% too much to acquire a client.


This is what I mean.  

It's about getting every touchpoint optimized it to 100%.

Is it easy?

Nothing comes easy. It becomes easy when you decided to make a change and do whatever it takes to achieve it.


While we are doing the coaching, we hit by COVID, but we continue to push all the classes online.

And in the first 14 days (during pandemic)...

On day 30...

On day 29...


He continues to scale his business, to the point that he is no longer worried about sales and income.

A few weeks later, he shared with me he already has his 2nd branch!

Imagine this could be you too.

In fact, we helped many education businesses to turn their business from almost bankruptcy to profitable, from small profit to big profit, and from 1 company to open up a 2nd/3rd branch.

Anything is possible if you are willing and commit to change, learn, and do whatever it takes.


If you are determined to make a change right now, but you have no idea where to start, I would like to invite you to have a free coaching call with us.


Some people ask, does it work on other businesses?

We helped scuba diving training, beauty academy, robotics class, coding class, IELTS/SAT, fitness & yoga, gym, corporate training, parenting class, special need kids education, tuition centers, language class, coaching, music class, art class, preschool, enrichment centers, abacus class, consulting, international schools, chiropractor, diploma/degree program before, as long as you are in this similar industry, we can help.


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Don't give up!

- KC