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Case Study 190:

3 things I've Learnt After Been a Poor Employee for 10 Years 


I started my business three years ago (after working as an employee for 10 years); I performed so well at my company as head of marketing, and I thought maybe I could "secretly" start selling my advice/service part-time.

I still keep my full-time job at that time cause I need the salary to pay off my bills.

So the only way I can think of is to start a business without quitting my job is to start an online business.

I never started any business before, but I wanted to quit my job so badly (my salary is around 3.2k after working for 10 years).

So when I first started offering my service, I spam every business FB page and tell them how "good" I am, and ask for sales.

And of course, I got shut off and got banned immediately by almost everyone.

Then I learn more and more from different mentors, and I decided to change my approach.

I want to attract people to come to me instead of me chasing and begging for sales. I no longer wish to become that "hard-selling salesman."

I improve my approach. I started to run a lot of online advertisements on Facebook and then offered a trial session to those who are interested.

I began to see some good responses; eventually, I get my first high ticket sale!

After 6 months, I become better at my part-time online business and am making 5x more than my salary.

I quit my job to expand the business full-time.

I realized that many business owners still face the same struggle as me last time -- Not enough clients. Over the past 2 years, I have been coaching them to grow their sales using the same business process that helps my business. 

So when I reflect on the whole journey on what works and what doesn't, here's what I know that works:

(1) Never stop your online marketing. I strongly suggest everyone to go ALL-IN in online marketing.

It's the fastest and easiest way to get clients. And regardless of how tough is the economy, we must find a way/budget to continue online marketing.

We must never stop our marketing.

The moment you stop your online marketing, leads stop; you don't get sales when leads stop coming in.

(2) Make sure to optimize your online marketing to 100%. Too many people learn from different experts (eCommerce, affiliate, F&B), and it confuses them. The education industry has a different business nature than e-commerce/F&B/others; we need specific marketing that only works for education.

Doing it right- 10x Students Blueprint

It looks simple; some might say they "already know" how to do it.

What they don't get it is "how to optimize everything to 100%".

For example:

Example #1: You might know a little bit about ads, but you might be doing it at 5%.

Example #2: Some learn about copywriting, but you are not nailing it to 100%

Example #3: Some think they know how to close sales and have an excellent follow-up, but when we check, they are still using the 2008 method.

This is what I mean.

It's about getting every touchpoint optimized it to 100%.


(3) Re-design your business model so that you can deliver a hybrid online+offline. When you can restructure your online business model, your income will no longer be limited to location, time, crisis, and manpower.



- Tuition/tutor/enrichment program - online classes - pick 1 subject and teach 100-500 students simultaneously (it's possible, cause we've done it many times with our clients)

- Corporate trainer - paid online training

- Coach & consultant - 8 weeks of online group coaching 

- Accountant - paid online training - accounting made simple for Bosses - upsell the accounting service

- Chef - paid online training - how to make desserts/Chinese food/western food at home

- Interior designers - paid online training - how to design your home with half the price of designer fees

- Investment consultant - paid online training - how to invest in stocks/property/forex/crypto

- Nutritionist - paid online training - how to improve your wellness by eating the right food

...and so much more.


If you are determined to change right now, we want to help you optimize all the process and get students within a month.

Some people ask, does it work on other businesses?

We help fitness, yoga, training, education, coach, music, preschool, enrichment centers, consulting, chiropractor, beauty before, as long as you are in this similar industry, we know how to help.

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