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Case Study 135:

Case Study (Education): 1 Million Revenue in 12 Months 


I just got a text from Sherry. She is someone that works with us in 2018. Like the rest of the clients, we coach her on how to scale her company sales fast. 

After we coached her, she told us the business is doing well, but I just didn't know they are doing REALLLLLY good until I ask again just now.

Before she came to us, her business has been stagnant for a few years; they have tried many advertising agencies and methods...

The sales just didn't go up. 


So they come to us and seek for advice. I spoke to her, and I ask a few questions, 


  • What's your conversion rate?
  • What's your turn up rate?
  • What's your cost per lead?
  • What's your package?
  • How much do you charge?
  • What's your sales process like?


And eventually, I manage to find out what's wrong. 


> The lousy quality leads from the advertising agency,

> And they do not track their numbers




(1) There's nothing wrong with outsourcing to marketing/advertising agencies to generate leads for your business. But from my experience of talking to 10 people, 9 people will tell me how upset they are with their marketing agency.


  • Leads cannot convert.
  • Not generating enough leads for them
  • Some leads are fake. 
  • The ROI is not worth it.


I get it; I can tell you why the failure rate is so high. 

I always advise business owners that you MUST take control of your marketing regardless of how busy you are. 

Reason 1: Nobody will care and understand more about your business better than you do (like your baby).

You know your audience the best, and you know what is best to convert your prospect into sales. And all these require 24/7 brainstorming and testing. 

A marketing agency's job is that its main task is to provide you leads (regardless of whether they are quality or whether they can convert or don't).

As long as they hit their "KPI," their job is done, and very seldom will they go deep into the level that they will tell you what to fix in your strategy, offer, conversion because this requires a lot of work, observation, discussion, and experience. 

Sometimes, when they know they cannot hit their "KPI" because of bad performance, that's where they will fake some leads and make it look good. 

Reason 2: They can't focus 100% on your business alone.

Remember, they are also running a business; they need more sales, which means more clients. The more clients they get, the less focus they have on your business. 


If they need to work with 25 clients, your business will have only 4% of their focus;

If they work with 50 clients, you only 2% of their attention.

-- so tell me how do you get good results with only 2-4% of focus?


In business, we need 200% effort and focus. 

That's why I say you must take control of your marketing so that no one can bullsh*t you with any technical knowledge, and you can adjust your marketing strategies immediately within 24 hours.

The agency can't work 24/7 for your business; they also can't meet you within 24 hours, you lose out a lot of opportunity and time.




(2) Tracking the numbers. A lot of education business owners do not track their key numbers. Most of them don't even know what their key numbers are. They have no idea what's is the standard that they need to benchmark against. 

  • What's your conversion rate?
  • What's your turn up rate?
  • What's your cost per lead?
  • What's your ROI

They think as long as there are inquiries, they are happy. Then the moment I ask them to get me all the numbers, only they know how ineffective their marketing is. 

This happens to almost all education business owners that I work with; they will tell me, I'm so busy teaching, or I just want to focus on teaching. 

Wrong mindset.

As an education entrepreneur, you need to have a "data mindset." You need to learn how to wear several hats; you need to know your numbers; you need to know your benchmark and know how to optimize it.


If you take the above seriously, you will get massive results like our other clients:

101 students in 38 days


600K per month


30k per month



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