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Case Study:

How To Go From A Teacher To A Full Time Entrepreneur In 9 Months

Yesterday Jenna texted me to say that she officially quit her job.

I'm so happy for her!

I remember when she came to us eight months ago, she still works as a teacher.

She had a part-time business that trains people about how to DIY organic skin care products.

Before she engages my coaching, we were on the phone call.
She says she wants to do her training entirely online.

After I listened to her situation, I can't wholly agree with her, and I suggest that she should stick to the offline workshop and maximize all her profits first.

Then only move to online.

It's less risky yet makes more money.

We almost quarrel. Lol...

I thought she would never come back after the phone call.

To my surprise, she decided to proceed to take up the coaching the next day.

She says I may see her blindspot, which she may not sees it yet.

We coach her on how to craft out profitable strategies for her business, how to get clients as fast as we can, how to collect the payment quickly, and how to maximize the profit.

After 30's what happens...

After a few months, at this point, she is already making 4x more than her teacher's salary.

I told her she should quit her job and go all-in in entrepreneurship full time.
It will makes her more money.

After a few more months, she did it!

From a 4 figures income teacher has to work 26 days a month to a full-time 5 figures income entrepreneur who works 4 days a month,

...and she has more time with her family now...

All done within 9 months!

I want to share with everyone..

If we can do it, you can too!

Never give up on your dream, because it's just a matter of time!

If you want to achieve the same success as Jenna, the first thing you need to overcome is sales.

You want to figure out how to market yourself, your program, your offer, and get paid as fast as you can in the shortest period.

The fastest way is to get help from someone who has done that and invests in their experience to shortcut your learning curve.

Because if you don't, you will spend a lot of months or years on trials and errors, and if you are not mentally strong enough, it's easy to give up.

Sales come first before anything else.

Without marketing, you have no sales, and if you have no sales, you have no cash.

It's tough to talk about growing the business or quit your job without that.

If you want to increase your income in a short period,

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